Dark Plutonia - <DP.WAD>
Maps Speed-remixed: 26/32 -> THREE-QUARTERS COMPLETION
MAP01-"River of Mud"
MAP03-"Codex Quetzalcoatl"
MAP05-"Ghost Quarters"
MAP06-"The Dark Side"
MAP10-"The Unending Horde"
MAP11-"Predator and Prey"
MAP13-"The Grave"
MAP15-"The Dusk"
MAP16-"The Oracle"
MAP19-"Tragedy of the Mind"
MAP20-"The Slaughtering Space"
MAP22-"Success Probability: Zero"
MAP24-"The Outer Limits"
MAP25-"The Shadowrealm"
MAP27-"Satan's Angel"
MAP29-"One-Thousand Adversaries"
MAP30-"The End Damnation"
MAP31-"Death Denied"
MAP32-"4-Gone Conclusion"

[EDIT] Everything after this paragraph is outdated... pay attention to the status list, though. Also, I'm only posting screenies of the three most recent maps to conserve memory space, bandwidth, and all that good stuff.

I wanted to ask the community if they would like me to release a megawad in the near future... let me start at the beginning.

I want to get some practice at speedmapping. What I decided is that I'm going to remake all 32 maps from Plutonia. The reason I chose Plutonia is a combination of its austere style being easier and less time consuming for speedmapping practice and because Plutonia is my 5th favorite megawad of all time <WTF right? ;)> I also wanted to practice capturing certain styles, and Plutonia had enough different themes throughout so I'd have to change my design somewhat for each map. Also, to remix a map, you have to make it similar enough to be evocative of the original, but unique enough to be a new challenge, another thing I'm going to practice.

Anyway, what I'm asking is if anyone would really want to play a megawad full of speedmapped clones once I'm finished. I'm going to pursue this anyway, but I won't release it if no one wants me too. I'm giving myself 300 minutes (5 hours) per map, not counting testing, which takes enormous amounts of time and is not necessary or efficient for my personal intentions. I would do this if I planned on releasing it. Somehow, 32 new levels never seems like a bad phrase.

To give you an idea of what you'd be in for, here are some screenies and a demo of one such level. The layout, level progression, monster placement, and texturing were completed in 300 minutes. This map has been tuned as though it were being released for the sake of this demo. This is a remake of map27, "Anti-Christ," and is titled "Satan's Angel." and, be forewarned, as a clone includes such things as hidden archviles who respawn other demons and that can't be killed until the end of the map (though I did try to make this more fair and less random.
Edit: While the the previous demo included the original map, that is actually against copyright laws, so the new demo only has the remixed map. If you want to compare them, check out map27 of Plutonia.

Get it here: http://files.filefront.com/Trinitymap27wad/;9661081;/fileinfo.html

This project would probably take me until May to complete. Tell me if you'd like it, and of course give feedback on my map if you want.

Wow. I talk alot. I'm done now. =P