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3 hard pseudo maps

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To 'win' each, just kill every enemy in the level (there are no exits).


All 3 are just hard gameplay dominant skill honing monster packed slugfests, instead of conventional maps. There's very little attention to aesthetic quality and copy/paste is used a lot.

They're 'zdoom' maps in doombuilder (all map01). I can make a zdoom 2.1.7 demo in the off chance anyone wants one.

Also , one thing I'd like to do is make, say, killing every archvile trigger something (instead of a switch or line you walk over)- maybe PM me or something if you know how to do that in zdoom/doombuilder.

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These were pretty good fun.

I liked lowering traps the most - unlike the other two, it carried a sort of slow, impending death.

I think I recall playing something similar to these that was recently posted here, but with a blue tech sort of theme to it. Was that yours?

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I think so (had cyberdemons and archviles and you only had berzerk at the beginnning). I never finished it.

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