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You could try Crimson Editor

Blzut gaves these to me, they will give you the syntax for it...so he has the credit for them (I assume he made them):


Throw those files in your /spec directory after you download and install Crimson Editor. Then to load the syntax, go to Document -> Syntax -> Customize. Then under the categories tree, click File -> Syntax Type. Find an empty slot and put in a description (eg. ZDoom Decorate, ZDoom ACS). In the Lang. Spec. box, click the [...] box and load up the spc file for the corresponding language (DECORATE.SPC would be for, of course, ZDoom DECORATE). Then in the Keywords box, hit the [...] box and find the corresponding .KEY file. Hit Apply -> Ok.

When you want to create DECORATE or ACS script, go to Document -> Syntax Type and just load up the correct Syntax :)

Unfortunately I don't have a Dehacked syntax file. If you could find someone who is both smart enough and willing to make you one, I think this would work pretty well for ya. Maybe Blzut has a dechacked syntax file...

Anyways, hope that works for ya!

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