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ABYSS 2.4b available!

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Mr. Elusive's ABYSS, a classic doom2 megawad that landed him a job at id, is now available in a source-port fixed version! now you can play the magical wad that kept me playing doom to this day on Skulltag and ZDaemon! It's still a Vanilla wad, so you can play it on Chocolate Doom as well!

if you want screen shots, look here: http://mrelusive.com/projects/abyss/abyss.html
text file is here: http://mrelusive.com/projects/abyss/abyss.txt (the one in the new zip is updated!)

and here is the updated download link, hosted by our neighborhood esselfortium: http://sl4.startan3.com/ABYSS24B.zip

Enjoy! and, comments are appreciated. :)

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