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Boss plasma resistance

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I mentioned in another topic how I used to get Nintendo Power back in the old times. It's a strange magazine, part normal reviews and previews, part strategy guide, and part Nintendo hype machine. Anyway, I was looking at their guide for the SNES port of Doom, and was surprised to see that it said the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind had resistance to the plasma gun, taking less damage from it than other monsters do.

I'm almost certain that's not the case in 1.9 PC Doom, but was it true of the Super Nintendo version, or any other? I guess it wouldn't be out of the question, considering the other oddities Doom has on the SNES, but I get the feeling that they just confused the plasma gun for the rocket launcher.

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I don't have the game handy to make that specific test now, but there are a lot of little differences between the PC and SNES games when it comes to monster and projectile strengths and parameters.

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Funny, the plasma gun is how I fight the Cyberdemon and Spider Mastermind in SNES Doom. Most times I fight them they do not even have a chance to counterattack.

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Coopersville said:

They may as well if you can't circle strafe around them.

At least you could octagon strafe around them, heh. Anyway, this egregious oversight is still better than the 32X's crappy "STRAFE ON" (not to mention box art lies, half of the game missing, shit sound and a broken ending).

God, I'm not only a fanboy but a fanboy stuck in a time warp?

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