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bryant robinson

Dark7:Mission Pack (The Special Edition)

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I decided to put a hold on my 'Silent Hill' scenario themed project and do some clean up on my old map 'Dark7:Mission Pack'. When I made the mission pack, I was using the old editor 'DoomCad' as my main builder. Due to its limitations and functions, I couldn't fully put the work I really wanted to put in this old project at the time. I decide to rework the areas using DoomBuilder to add new architectural details throughout the layouts and various other tweaks.






Last year, I have made other similiar 'Special Editions' of the original Dark7 and Project Slipgate thats available at my web site.

Thanks go out to Nightmare, Afterglow, the CW-Sin1 artist, and Pawel Zarczynski for the textures, gfx, etc.


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This was pretty damn good overall. The levels look a lot better than the original mission pack. The added slopes on the maps make the levels look more interesting. I only have two complaints:

You can't really walk onto those conveyor belts in MAP03. The slopes for them are a bit too step for the player, so you have to jump on to them. Was that intentional?

Another thing is that the stealth archviles at the end of MAP07 felt really cheap. Maybe they should have been normal Archviles instead.

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I never got around to playing the original, so this is my first time through this mapset. Happy to say I'm enjoying myself so far. Already on map 4.

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