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Widescreen monitor support?

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Is this implemented in any way? I got a new monitor for Christmas and it bugs me that everything stretches out to fit. I'm not looking for widescreen resolutions, I just want to play in 320x200 without it looking distorted. Any chance I could just get green stone at the sides of the screen instead of having it stretched out?

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There might be a setting in your monitor called 'stretch' or 'zoom' or something. I leave mine set at 'zoom' and in Eternity it fills from top to bottom but doesn't stretch sideways more then it should and leaves black bars on either side.

I think Chocolate Doom has awesome aspect correction and scaling for a lowfi look and I think Eternity's and Zdoom's aspect correction only works in highfi scaling at high resolution. PRBoom just has awful aspect correction at any scaling so I just let it stretch. I wish prboom had Chocolate Doom's aspect correction plus its own scaling or at least Eternity was more stable on my systems.

P.S. I hear nvidia drivers have some extra options for aspect ratios but ati doesnot... my next card is gonna be an nvidia.

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