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Richo Rosai

XBAND--HTF did it work?

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Did anybody actually ever play Doom over XBAND?

First, if wikipedia is to be believed, "With the exception of Weaponlord, Catapult had to individually reverse engineer each game's code, then develop a hack to intercept two-player activity so the game could be shared over a hi-latency (slow-response time) 2400 baud modem connection." This would seem to pretty much rule out online multilayer in any game that didn't already have a multiplayer mode, wouldn't it? I mean, DM and coop both seem like they'd require creation of at least some original code/contents to make them work.

And second, did it really show the other player only from the front angle? That just seems really, really stupid. And on second thought, I guess the game didn't include a sprite for the player. Did the opponent show up as an imp? A floating statbar face? Argh!

I guess there's always the off chance that Doom was only supported in terms of some kind of scoreboard or something, but that would be really lame and also personally disappointing after all these years of stewing in curiosity.

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That's a novel piece of hardware!
If Doom on the SNES supports 2-player Deathmatch - as my research suggests - Catapult might only need an Interrupt-driven routine to replace the second controller input with modem input on each console. The data passing through the modem would be little more than controller codes and game tics which shouldn't overload a 2400 baud connection.

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