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What is this wad?

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Major heh.

Anyway, just seems like they replaced the chainsaw with a chaingun with non-puffing bullets and a new sprite, and overlayed some music in editing the video for hilarity.

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Ha, that's awesome.

Well, it wouldn't be in /idgames. Copyrighted mp3 alert! :0

IDEA: What we should do, is hide that in some other wad, and actually Rickroll players who weren't expecting it. That would be fantastic.

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Rick Astley as a close-quarters weapon. I love it - can't wait for the Bing Crosby version!
It's added using Decorate and fires a custom missile called "BadMusic". :D

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nicknin10do said:

Acturally I found the WAD
But I really don't know how damage is caused, Seems really random.
It was fun for a few mins

We need a wad where the face of doomguy is actually Rick Astley **

Of course the music in the lvl would be some rick astley song...hmm don't i would last long in this WADS :P

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