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Fox Angel Model

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I won't even waste my time stating that this is kind of meant to be a plugin player model for ST, under 3k polys or that I can't animate for shit. . . With all that NOT being said I'm looking for crits to make this better. I think the head is butt ugly but I'm not sure HOW to fix it. Seems a little stiff overall, especially the wings (which would be alpha mapped, hence the long single face.)

Really not sure what to do with it so I'd love to hear suggestions from those with more experience than I have.


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Do you have the skins for it yet? Seeing the finished product might help.

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For some reason this reminds me of Krystal from the Star Fox series. I don't think she ever had wings though...

Regardless... this is really good stuff here... ^_^

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Thanks guys. . . Finally had a couple hours to catch up on my modeling practice. My HDD crashed last night so I lost all my game related stuff including skulltag, my wads/textures and a lot of my apps :( but thankfully I still have my maya install disks. . . T_T

Crits welcome.

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