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freedoom lite

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There has been some interest in a freedoom-lite sub-project; to create an IWAD suitable for embedded systems (rockbox, ipod doom, calculators, that kind-of thing).

I'd like anyone interested in this to help explain what's wrong / what should be changed in the current IWAD. Most notably people complain about the filesize.

Specifics about file sizes / operating environments etc. would help us know how to tailor freedoom to the needs :)

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The biggest part is always going to be the levels, IMO. Getting some simpler levels for such a project would be a priority.

It's worth remembering that the Freedoom "demo WAD" contains the same resources as the shareware version, so we actually already have something like this.

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As far as map size restraints are concerned, I've played a decent chunk of Ultimate DOOM and DOOM II on the DS port of PrBOOM without any issues with slow down that I can recall.

If anyone remembers the OLD Star Wars wad that takes place at the Death Star, I have played that and did not experience slow down. So this should give you and idea to some degree as to what the map size limitations are.

Maps with too many nodes to close to one another slow down the DS. When building false 3D bridges, one has to use a method to represent the floor without using too many nodes as an example.

Translucent walls in PrBOOM slow down the game when you get too close to them, but seem not to bother the game play otherwise.

I've not ran any tests to see if the DS strains when hundreds of enemies are on a level at the same time, but thus far I've had no issues with that.

I'm working on a little map on the side, and hope to be able to work on more, I'll post them when I'm happy with them, I'd love to help the project in some way if I can.

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