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Doom Marine

Changing Map Names while keeping Demo Sync

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I'm wondering about how to keep demo compatibility while shifting the map numbers around.

Let's just say that in DVII: Second Edition, I wanted to shift Map23 (Hell's Vendetta) to become Map27 (without editing level structure or anything that might alter the nodes). Is it possible to edit Anima's and Belial's DVII Map23 UV-Max .lmps so that it would start playing (and syncing) as a Map27 demo instead?

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Change the value in that spot. This is lv29-146.lmp, and 29 in hexadecimal is 1D. To go from level 23 to 27, change 17 to 1B. I'm not sure if you'll have any issues with desynching, but I can't imagine why you would.

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What exp(x) said. For regular/Ultimate Doom demos, if you want to change the episode number as well, change the value before it. I did exactly that with MKRM-002, 11BO-040 and MNBS-045 to create versions of the demos that you can play with WADPAK1A, which features identical copies of the maps in different map slots on which the demos run flawlessly.

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