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A quick question about Doom RPG

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So I've been wanting to play Doom RPG ever since it came out a couple years ago, yet never had a phone that can run it.

Well, I'm about to buy a new phone, and the phone I'm going to buy is a J2ME phone, not a BREW enabled phone.

I know Doom RPG on the J2ME platform differs from the BREW platform in the sense that the J2ME platform doesn't have floor or ceiling textures.

What I'm wondering is...is anything else changed, or is the only difference between the two version the floor and ceiling textures?

Thanks all. I hope this post makes some sort of sense.

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Prince of Darkness said:

I wish I could help, but I am sadly not Cellular-Phone literate.


Then don't post in the topic, d'oh.

Oh wait, I'm making a pointless post too. Damn, self-burn. :-(

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