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Glaber Level 1: Castletania

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Nearly over 2 years I have been making SRB2 maps and as one of the results I have caused something called Glaber Syndrome to emerge. I hope not to have a Doom equivalent of that here, but there is no way to find out if that's going to happen if I don't post any levels right? So here's my first Doom Level Castletania. No it's not Castlevania mispelled, it's a paridy name and the 3rd stage in the series.

First area

I suggest you use that shotgun in this room.

"Now why does he get a Libary break and not me?"

http://www.mediafire.com/?1dm7hyd9nxh (New Link as of 3/11/08)

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This appears at first glance to be a vanilla Doom map, yet requires at least Boom compatibility due to the use of several generalised linedef specials. It may even need ZDoom - linedef 160 is missing a tag, however that issue will only affect multiplayer.

The imp at 180,-1875 (thing 160, coincidentally) is slightly overhanging the ledge and cannot move.

The door to the computer map secret needs unpegging. That is, linedefs 345 and 346 need to be lower unpegged.

Commander Keen's appearance seemed out of place and his death failed to activate anything so I have to wonder why he is there.

The map seems quite top-heavy. A tricky start with next to no health and lots of zombies becomes considerably easier towards the end and I finished with full health, armour and ammunition. Better balance is needed.

Other than that it's not bad for a first mapping attempt. Please continue to develop your skills :)

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This is a decent start to Doom mapping. Here's some things I noticed that might help you out:
1. Like RjY said, the walls of the computer map secret need to be flagged as lower unpegged so they don't move with the ceiling.
2.I'd replace Commander Keen with a hanging corspe, since Keen does not appear to do anything and his presence seems out-of-place.
3.The red key trap can be avoided by backpedling as soon as it triggers. To prevent players from escaping before the floor raises, the trigger should be farther into the room.
4.At the end, the platform raising to the chainsaw should probably have its front linedef set as a lift so that it can still be used after its initial activation. Players like being able to backtrack for items.
5.This one is more personal preference, but I didn't like the first fight putting you above the enemies, who would want to stand next to the wall below you where you couldn't shoot them very well. I just ran through them when they moved out of the way and fought them on their same level.

Otherwise, an excellent start. As you create more maps, you'll come up with some awesome ideas for fights and level themes. Keep up the good work! =)

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Ok, I took a look at your criticism and made the changes. Linedef 160 was changed. The action was only placed on there because of the backpedaling. during the testing even I backpedaled just to survive the room. Because of that I also toned the room down a bit.

The walls for the Red key secret have been deffed as per Death's and RjY's request.

Thing 160 was moved on to the platform more.

Commander Keen was replaced with a weapon that I originally wanted to be multiplayer only.

As an extra change, the blue key door was shifted north so that entering the other side of the door would look better.

And the Lift to the chain saw has been made repeatable.

I'll be uploading the changed wad when I get home.

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just played it, looks great, i love the Castlevania music and feel, maby make a Castlevania tc later on? lol kinda wish there was a whip but still i like it

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I might just do that, or maby just a Megawad/Level pack depending on my ability.

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