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Has anyone played every Doom game?

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Doom 1 (before it became Ultimate Doom, which I naturally played as well).
Doom 2.
Final Doom.
Doom 64 TC (never tried the real D64, since I've never owned a console).
Doom 3.
Doom 3 RoE.

Never played the Master Levels, so if that's considered an "official release", then the answer is 'no'.

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Ultimate Doom
Doom 2
Master Levels (but I haven't still these, nothing fantastic imo anyway)
Final Doom
Heretic/Hexen (and his add-on)/Strife : as games with Doom engine :P
Doom64TC (it can't count I think, never played the original)

About Doom 3, only played the demo and my graphic card gave me shit for the try :P

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steuntron said:

Somwhere in 1993/1994 my parents bought their first computer. a 386DX 40mhz. My uncle was into "computer"-stuff, and gave me, a 7 year old, 4 floppy's containing Doom Shareware.
It took me about a week to figure out how pkunzip.exe works. And then... carnage!!! I always managed to finish E1M1, but E1M2 was simply to hard for me. But slowly i advanced...

I still remember the day I finally got to E1M8. It was so freaking exciting!!
And then suddenly this happened:

I felt my heart beating in my throat, I was nearly pissing in my pants. But i did it! I killed those 2 demons!! Most exciting moment of gaming I have ever experienced.

And then when you advanced you would go down into a dark room where you die. I didn't understand that was the end of the episode. (I couldnt read English so the ending text looked like nonsense to me) I spent HOURS on that lvl finding the 'real' exit...

And that's the only Episode I have ever finished! I've recently begun with Doom2, but that's on hold for now because I have a SHITLOAD of megawads waiting for me! (I am new to this 'doom'-community)

Well get at it. I would suggest getting ultimate doom, finishing it, and then playing through doom 2. Then move on to all the megawads. The actual games, aside from being cornerstones of the gaming industry, are extremely enjoyable, plus they give you the skills you need for the megawads. I've noticed that the user made levels are generally harder than the original levels, so it's good practice.

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Wow, it's been a while! I started playing Doom in 96/97..? Not sure. Anyway, I got my start playing a pirated (!!!) copy of Doom II on a 486/33. At the time I did not realize this was actually illegal, I think a friend just installed it on my computer at some point without really telling me much about what it was. I discovered an icon called WinDoom (strangely, this was the beta build that was floating around on the net prior to Doom 95's release) and blasted away soon enough. I then moved on to Doom Shareware, which I located on some demo cd my dad (God bless him) got me for my birthday around the same time. Good times.

Later I got all the classic Doom series games legally through the id download store (and then later I got the Doom Collector's Edition as well). They were goddamn expensive too at that time (2003)! Running them on Win 9x was fine, but XP was a fucking nightmare using the Doom 95 launcher (which came with the 2003 download version for some reason). I ran into Doomsday/jDoom in 2003/4 and started using that instead. Nowadays, I use zDoom, mostly.

These are the Doom games I own (I've played and finished them all, except for Plutonia):

Ultimate Doom / Final Doom (id download store)
Doom Collector's Edition (the one with the DOOM3 preview disc)
id Anthology (this one actually included both DOS and Win95 versions of the games - weird).

Oh, and Doom 3, which I got on release date. It's a great game too, but in a totally different league. I really don't associate it with the classic Doom games.

I'm not sure why classic Doom still holds up so well. Perhaps it's got to do with the basic (yet solid) gameplay, both single- and multi-player (I use zDaemon for this, by the way - Skulltag won't run on my system). Also, there's a HUGE amount of community-made materials (level, sound, graphic mods, as well as the source ports which make the game playable on a wide range of systems) out there. A community that's been very active over the course of 15 years! Now that's impressive!

Shouts out to everyone still playing this now-ancient game! LONG LIVE DOOM!

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These are the ones I played:

Shareware Doom
Ultimate Doom (PC and XBox Version)
Doom 2 (PC and XBox Version)
Final Doom
Doom 3 (XBox version)
Doom 64

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I've played every incarnation of Doom on every system at one point or another. So like, that's a lot of Doom. -.-;

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