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Sci-Fi Wolf/Marine model

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Just somethn I been working on.

Figured it'd fit the DOOM theme quite nicely aside from the obvious antrho influence. Crits welcome

Current PC (before optimizations) is 3490:

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It reminds me of the Werefox that dsm drew for Katarhyne back in the day.

The lack of wings and a less puffy tail makes it look less cheesey; I like this model more.

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Coopersville said:


Gotta hate how that guy supposedly posed as a woman.

Back on merrier topics, topic starter, would you incorporate your model into Doom (through shot-taking, 'fcourse), as a player skin or character?

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Pretty good looking humanoid wolf model--I'd make the tail hang/bend, as it looks kinda funky sticking straight out.

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I'm pretty sure the tail is that way for the sake of working on the model properly, which is easiest with limbs in full extension. Nice work on this, looks smooth.

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