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Nightmare Doom

Castle/Palace themed levels...

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well, there are so many of these types of wads in the doom wad community. Two that stick in my mind most are both from the original 3 Eternal Dooms (Which are filled with castle and medieval levels:

Map 7 - The Abbey, where at about 2/3rds of the level, you face off against a cyberdemon and a spider mastermind in the same room (where you've already fought a plethora of weaker enemies.

Map 30 - Excalibur, Easily the longest map to complete in the game. While the actual level is hard (you have to find all 6 keys and face off several cyberdemons and archvilles, you still face the spawner at the end (although not textured with the icon of sin demon face).
This is a hard challenge, because the room is not that large, and to actually blow up the hidden "romero head", you have to balance carefully on a platform while dozens of monsters spawn around you trying to knock you off!

-Anybody else feel free to add anymore.

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I'm suddenly hankering for a map based on an Indian or Arabic castle/palace, such as the Taj Mahal. That's something I haven't seen done in Doom. You could even fake the complex arches with textures.

EPIC has some good desert fortresses, which is pretty close.

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