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Ushasu -- A duel map

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While doing one of my matches on Judas for the STDL, I got the bright idea to try and make a speed map inspired from Judas. So that's what I did. I spent about an hour and a half total on the map. The map is Boom compatible and is meant to be played with oldschool flags only. I had a little bit of time to test it on Skulltag with bots.

Behold, screenshots:

And for you internet savvy folk, a hyperactive downloadable linkager: http://mechadon.hostsnake.com/wads/Mek-Usha.zip

If your wondering where the textures came from (and you may or may not already know), they are from a Q1 texture resource pack. All of the info regarding the author and credits is in the readme. I'm currently compiling all of the textures to be used for Doom since I think they look very sexay.

Anyways, I dunno how well the map came out. Feel free to post crits and any bugs you may find!

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Looks awesome, and it feels very three-dimensional. The textures do a good job of making it seem much more detailed than it is. :P

One thing I did notice was that at least one of the textures you're using had a cyan dot in it, due to the Simplicity palette including cyan instead of putty-color. If you want to fix it, you could either just find repaint over the dot(s) in XWE or paint or something, or you could batch-fix all of them with these steps: Open the wad in SLumpEd, temporarily remove the palette, close and reopen the wad so it loads the standard palette, convert all the graphics to PNG (right-click, Convert to PNG), add the palette back and close/reopen the wad again, then convert the graphics back to Doom Graphic and Doom Flat format.

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Thanks essel, glad you don't have any essel-picks with it :p. And I was fairly surprised at how it looked when I finished texturing; it does look a lot more detailed than it really is. With normal Doom texture, you could probably easily tell it was a speedmap.

Anyways, thanks for pointing out the cyan pixel thing. I won't bother myself finding which texture it is, so I'll just use your 3 step solution and be done with it.

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