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Enemy drops

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How do I make the Wolfenstein SS not drop anything, or drop something other than a clip? I'm making this Boom compatible, so DEHACKED only, no DECORATE or what.

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Drops are hardcoded into four Things. If you don't want the SS to drop anything, just make them a different Thing, but use the same states and attributes. Making them drop something else isn't possible, unless you swap the sergeant or chaingunner out for them.

EDIT: For example, you could replace the chaingunner with your new SSWolf, so that it drops a chaingun, and then if you wanted, swap the chaingun and the plasma gun, so he drops a plasma gun. Or, I guess, you could leave the SS where he is and do the same with the clip, but then both the SSWolf and zombieman would drop whatever you changed it to.

This really was much clearer in my head.

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One solution to disabling the Wolfenstein SS ammo clip drop, via Dehacked:

1) Use Thing 116 (Dead Lost Soul).

2) Have Thing 116's Spawn State point to the Wolfenstein SS starting animation (Frame 726).

3) Have Thing 116's Moving State point to the Wolfenstein SS moving animation (Frame 728).

4) Have Thing 116's Pain State point to the Wolfenstein SS pain animation (Frame 742).

5) Have Thing 116's Attack State point to the Wolfenstein SS attack animation (Frame 736).

6) Have Thing 116's Death State point to the Wolfenstein SS death animation (Frame 744).

7) Have Thing 116's Exploding State point to the Wolfenstein SS gib animation (Frame 749).

8) Have Thing 116's Respawn State point to the Wolfenstein SS respawn animation (Frame 758).

9) ...and continue to transfer the Wolfenstein SS' properties over to Thing 116's sounds if you'd like as well.

Basically, since objects like Dead Lost Soul (Thing 116) are not hard-coded to drop items, you can make it assume the properties of a Wolfenstein SS with exception of dispersal of ammo clip upon death.

When these steps are done correctly, you can now place the object Dead Lost Soul (Thing 116) on your map (via Doom Builder) that'll show up ingame as the Wolfenstein SS (without the ammo drop upon death, of course).

A good example of this solution is found in Deus Vult II, where the Hell Cleric animations replace the Wolfenstein SS states, which are then used by Thing 116, which then effectively prevents the Cleric from dropping ammo clip upon its death.

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