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Favorites Udoom episode wads

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Hey there,
I've played some awesome episodes pwads for Ultimate Doom the last days (like fava beans, retro episode and classic episode 1 and 2...), and I was wondering what are your all time favorites :}

There are enough 'best megawad blabla' there, so the rules are :
- Udoom only
- 1 episode replacement
- vanilla or boom compatible

Ready, Steady, Go !

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2002 A doom odisey (full replacement)
Vengeance (full replacement)
Crusades: Unholy War (ep 4) IMO THE best available
Parallel Dimension (episode 2)
Death Tormention 2 & 3 (ep 4)
Phobos: Anomaly Reborn by Chris Lutz (ep 1)
Inferno (ep 3) by same author
Southern Cross (ep 1)
Wonderful Doom (full)
The Evil Unleashed (ep 3)
Slaughter until death (ep 2)
Serenity, Eternity, Infinty (ep1,2,3)
Simply Phobos (ep 1)
Phobos Revisited (ep 1)

...are just some quality doom 1 episode replacements, and there's probably more.

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