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[WIP] Doom: The Lost Episode

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-{ Doom: The Lost Episode }-
--The semi-official 5th chapter in The Ultimate Doom--

Current Release: Alpha v0.80d, 3-16-08
Current CREDITS:
.....iD - DooM Alpha maps
.....Midway - PSXDoom-exclusive maps
.....Wills - Secondary mapping (E5M3)
.....Skunk - Artist (intermap)
.....Kaiser - PSXDoom Map re-makes
.....deathz0r - Alpha Map conversion
.....Nuxius - PSXDoom consultant, major feedback!
.....Chris Nielson - PSXDoom TC, for inspiration
.....RazTK - PSX Supershotgun remake

Visit the official ZDoom forum thread if you care dare!

All right, I'll make this short since most of the info is on that other thread which a lot of people won't try and check. :P

Basically, the aim of this project is to take a few of the obscure-yet-official maps from the Doom Alphas and PSXDoom and combine them in a semi-official 5th episode for The Ultimate Doom. I'm not trying to claim these maps as mine at all, but I have taken the liberty at 'spicing up' a few of them (alphas, mainly). The PSXDoom levels are mostly in tact though (save the finale) so as to not upset the fans. They're great levels nonetheless!

More wacky superfluous Doom-y features include: awesome custom intermission map by Skunk, wacky new sky texture, semi-new Bobby Prince music (some from the 'unused' archive Romero posted), a somewhat-boss-ish monster edit, and some other stuff I probably can't think of for some reason.

Random inspiration comes from Jim Flynn (self-building levels; E5M8 for one), Cyb & Russel_P (Void and Nullspace), and #jetsons for SpaceDM5 and being crazier than me. :P

Current maplist:
E5M1 - "Logos Anomaly" (E1M1 from Doom Alpha 0.5, modified)
E5M2 - "The Infernal Palace" (Jaguar Doom's "Hell Keep", modified)
E5M3 - "Ominous Lair" (PSX "Spawning Vats", heavily modified)
E5M4 - "Caroll St. Station" (E1M11 from Doom Alpha 0.4, unfinished)
E5M5 - "The Mansion" (original map from PSXDoom)
E5M6 - "Twilight Descends" (original map from PSXDoom, darkened)
E5M7 - "Threshold of Pain" (original map from PSXDoom)
E5M8 - "Redemption Denied" (original map from PSXDoom, re-mixed)
E5M9 - "The Marshes" (original map from PSXDoom)

No Club Doom, sorry. It was just a novelty and without the rave music it's pointless. :(


Alpha v0.80d re-link

This wad's actually very near 'completion' at the moment -- only one map (E5M4) is missing. Right now I'm looking for individuals and classic Doom gurus to play through the levels and give some feedback regarding balance and feel. I'm trying to achive an "oldschool-yet-new" feeling, if that makes sense, and I figure it'd be best to iron out any gameplay anomalies soon! Post your thoughts on the maps, no matter how wacky they may be.

And yes it's got Doom 2 resources -- sue me. I'll remedy that somehow if it ever comes to an /idgames release. :P

Also, I'm aware that waaay back when, someone somewhere made something called the "Lost Episodes" of Doom or something like that, but oh well. "Evil Unleashed" isn't exactly original either but at least it's an homage to the Doom alphas. :P

So, comments anyone? Flame me if you must for not being original but oh well. I figured I'd put these maps together in a 'proper' way for the masses. Or something like that. :P

Insanity, begin!

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Interesting that you happen to be working on reviving two of the Alpha maps. I'm courious as to how you restored "Beta Entryway" ("Logos Anomaly" as you call it) and "Devoid" ("Caroll Street Station" as you call it)

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This idea sounded good on paper, but I don't think it's working out. The idea of a semi-official episode seems solid, but the extent to which you've edited some of these levels defeats the purpose. In general, there is a theme of overdetailing and business that destroys any "oldschool" feeling, which isn't a good or bad thing, except that it would make more sense to go oldschool to fit with the other four episodes.

M1 starts the episode off in an odd way. Aside from the general layout of the original map, this is a map completely of your own making. Not only does it not fit the intent of the episode for that reason, but it's also significantly harder than most of the other maps, making it a weird choice for the first level. Neither here nor there, but my first thought at the start was, "Wait, did he accidentally put the player 1 start outside the map?"

M2 - The starting area made me groan, but after that, the map is actually pretty fun. The areas that I assume you added are all too detailed and feel out of place, but it's an enjoyable level.

I had quite a good time in M3, but since I never played PSX Doom, I can't say how consistent it is with the original. It does feel a little overdetailed at times, but plays well and does give off a very oldschool vibe.

M4 is my most anticipated map. When I first saw this in the alpha, I really wanted to see a playable version, even if it was thrown out for being a bit zany and complicated. I know you haven't done much work on it, but what little you've added fills me with dread. I get the feeling you plan on altering the level on a vast scale much like you did with the Logos Anomaly.

M5 and M6 - Both decent maps. I could take them or leave them.

M7 - I just plain don't like this map. But that has nothing to do with you.

I admit M8 is impressive. From my brief look through Console Doom, I can see you've taken the original map and really run with it, but again...this ends up being mostly your creation, so I'm not sure it belongs here. This is easily the simplest change to accept, though.

I see what you're doing here and I definitely support it, but I feel like your attempts are somewhat misguided. Still, it's not my project, so you can do whatever you feel is right with it. It just seems to me that the levels could have stood on their own -- without all the alterations, except where they were obviously necessary.

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Well, thanks Grimm! Been looking for someone to give this guy a thorough review. I've PM-ed you a reply.

Still working on this, I am, but rather slowly in light of some other silly project-y thing. Yay me.

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Thanks you asshole now I can't release XDoom.


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