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[WIP] New music for Doom2

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I'm composing some music on a hobby basis, I thought I might just combine my tracks into a WAD for Doom2 giving the ingame music a facelift. Here is a taste of what to expect when it's finnished.

Right now only map01 - map04 are fitted with new music, but I'm gonna fit all 32 with new music in the end. So enjoy, and give me some comments about the music as well.


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Whoa! This ain't bad!

Though "DoomMusic.wad" is hardly fitting... all new stuff, in a great way. :P

Maybe I'm just a sucker for electronic music, but I like it. Map03's music in particular is very nice -- sounds very Xerxes-ish... I sense perhaps a bit of influence there?

Do you have any higher-quality recordings available for general listening? I like this.

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Note that the name DoomMusic.wad is my project name. Can't be bothered to dedicate enough time to figure out a name on this lazy sunday. I'm trying to create music that fits the theme of the level. Take map02 for instance. It has these waterstream, the waterstream in the music aswell.

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