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Alpha Doom Credits

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I was just wondering if we know exactly who made what levels in the Alpha Dooms. I had been under the impression for a little while that Tom Hall made all the levels, but a lot of sources attribute some of them solely to John Romero (i.e., the ones usually attributed to him--E1M2, E1M3). Do we know for sure whether that's the case?

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The Doom alpha (0.4) partially contains the following maps, which are credited towards:

E2M7 (Tom Hall, Sandy Petersen)
E2M2 (Tom Hall, Sandy Petersen)
E2M3 (Tom Hall, Sandy Petersen)
E1M7 (John Romero)
E1M6 (John Romero)
E1M4 (Tom Hall, John Romero)
E1M2 (John Romero)
E3M3 (Tom Hall, Sandy Petersen)
E2M4 (Tom Hall, Sandy Petersen)

0.5 had a few other maps:

Map 10 (at the time, only Tom Hall had worked on it)
E1M2 (John Romero)
E1M6 (John Romero)
E1M4 (John Romero)
E1M8 (Tom Hall, Sandy Petersen)

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This is good for me to know as I'm working on Doom Beta Quest. But I still don't know who made e1m11 (Doom .04) and e1m1 (Doom .05)

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