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Freedoom 0.6.2 released

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Hot on the heels of 0.6 (and 0.6.1, which was kept quiet) is Freedoom 0.6.2.

0.6 was released with a fairly serious texture bug which meant any PWAD which replaced the TEXTURE1 lump would fail. 0.6.1 was rushed out to fix this. Unfortunately, the nodes for MAP18 were corrupted, which made the level unplayable. This wasn't noticed for 24 hours, by which time it was too late to withdraw the release.

So comes 0.6.2, containing fixes for the above two problems and several other mapping improvements, courtesy of Freedoom's new, highly motivated and energetic Quality Assurance team :) If you are interested in helping out with QA, mapping, texturing, sprites, sounds, music, the website, or anything at all, get in touch via the Freedoom forum hosted at Doomworld. Get 0.6.2 from the Freedoom site.

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Neat, can't wait for Freedoom 1.0 :-P

Seriously though; keep up the good work, Freedoom people. I wish I knew how to map, I have plenty of free time to make levels ;-P

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Mechadon said:
I like to play Freedoom while I not doing work in class :P

Looks to me like you need to cut back a bit on that :P

I'm kidding, of course.

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