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wad problems testing

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As far as the graphic goes it ain't that bad for a start.

First of all: Mappers who want to create good maps don't build them when on drugs.

* Sketch the map first on paper, this makes it much simplier for you to get your map the way you want it to be.

* You're making one of the hugest mistakes a new mapper can do. You want to build large, so you build from outside and inward while you should allways start from the players start position and build outwards. That way you don't have to worry about your map getting

* Try to make a level that has context. Right now it is just some textures splattered around with no sense. Door walls have to be unpegged so they don't follow the door.

* Try to add some monsters and objects.

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Jobro, when it says "Loser" under a username they can't reply to you, unless they're called Danarchy.

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jobro said:

Try to add some monsters and objects.

His friend Tom did so in a similar looking map called Teeth. I wonder who copied who. :D

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