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Post your Doom picture! [post in Part 2 instead]

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LigH said:

Does a slanted floor also slant side textures?

I wish, but no.

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GreyGhost said:

One more point to remember -

  • Cool kids aren't backseat mods.
Thank you. :)

What about backseating rockers?

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Demon of the Well said:

^ Good to see you using more open space. Reminds me of Plutonia map 06 for some reason.

Yeah, I found out how easier it was to make larger areas than smaller ones (it also makes great for gameplay!).

Platinum Shell said:

I like; also, are you using the custom automap with everything tweaked, or one of the built in options?[/B][

Chose every color myself, attempted to make it like the PSX automap but got a nice looking mix none the less.

Also thinking of adding some extra rooms to MAP01 (and other improvements thanks to the feedback of the NOVA play testers):

A (WIP) room before the exit teleport (to make it at least look like they tried to keep it safe)

(switch opens to a currently none existent teleport chamber)

And a Plasma Gun secret triggered by walking past the door before the original teleport chamber:

Those were the only screenshot worthy improvements really, just some item and monster changes.

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MAP01 starting room

MAP02 starting room

MAP02 lightning room

MAP01 outdoors/yard

These images are from my current project, Grenade.

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KevinHEZ said:

Beautiful, perfectly aligned texturing, plus bonus points for what looks like CEIL5_1. Good use of dynamic lighting, although I think it would probably cause my PC to lag.

@ Lombardi: Classic-looking design. Probably be right at home in an homage project of some sort.

@ mrthejoshmon: Yay for techbases! Yay for crowded rooms! No, I'm not even kidding. As long as there are breaks to move around more freely, I really like these types of designs. Also reminds me of DUKE3D for some odd reason...

@ Gez: What editor is that? Looks spiffy... SLADE...?

P.S. in totally unrelated news, I'm getting back into UDMF mapping. I'm not sure if checking this thread is hurting my motivation, or helping it, lol. :P

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Gez said:


I'm not familiar with that map. How are those sectors referencing each other? HOW ARE YOU EVEN DOING THIS???

Anyway, just downloaded the latest dev build, because these shots are looking sexy as all get out.

EDIT: Oh Lord, this is so smooth. At least until I enable enable sprite graphics on Things.

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These sectors have blue action lines. So I would guess they are teleporters with a circular reference. Yet, I would not expect them to display their references at the same time...

If this is a valid place for feature requests, I'd like to have a feature to find a line or sector by entering its ID.

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schwerpunk said:

I'm not familiar with that map. How are those sectors referencing each other?

Not the sectors, actually. The things. The map is the titlemap from KDIZD, and these things are the camera and interpolation points. This shows the path followed by the scripted camera.

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Cell said:

Some experimenting on making "shrines" (or candlekeepers) like the ones in Diablo II catacombs.
Like the one on the right side of this screenshot.

Nice, I had inspiration from Diablo 2 myself but I'm trying to make a map with a style similar to Diablo 2's Durance of Hate levels.

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It's a shame dynamic lights can't be applied to wall textures like they can with flats. Looks good though.

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@ KevinHEZ

Scary thing you are pointing at with the pistol in the first shot; a rotting skeleton? Is it decoration? Or even an opponent ... does anyone know the lame random pop-up face in Witchaven?

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CorSair said:

That's a nice, ominous looking structure - I like the curved concentric steps :)
The scale seems a little strange to me, though - I think perhaps because the towers look very much like the sort that you might find in a church or castle, which would of course be pretty large, and with plenty of room inside, but (from what I can tell) the towers here are actually quite small, and so maybe clash a little - in terms of scale - with the staircase, which looks, well, normal-sized.
Misalligned brick texture on the left-hand side, above the first step ;)

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Heh, I'll never understand why people put these red pillars in mountains along with the trees. :)

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