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wav to PC Speaker converter

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With reference to this thread...

Since I posted last time I've tried, and tried hard to come up with a way to convert wav files so they sound like the PC speaker. About 2.30 this morning I succeeded!

Ok it doesn't save the converted PC sample yet, but at least it lets you play and experiment with the sample to hear how it would've sounded in Doom / Wolf3D etc.

It loads up as a VST plugin in your sequencer (or runs with SAVIhost that simulate a VST host), you load a sample and play it with your MIDI keyboard.

I'm kinda late @ work, and got yelled at by my boss, but hell that's a small prise worth pay no? I'll post an alpha version of my plugin JBM Honker when I'm back home. Should be around 4 - 5.30 PM CET today friday.

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Chocolate Doom has code that plays PC speaker sound effects through the digital output. I could probably rig something up to convert sounds.

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Well here is the alpha version. No conversion so far, but it lets you at least listen to how the sound would sound if it was available in Doom as a DP sound.

Note: You need SAVIhost to use it. Download it and extract it. Once both is down and the extraction is done then you have to rename the .exe to JBM Honker. Extract them both in the same folder. Upon launch JBM Honker will unpack a subfolder containing what it needs to be operational. So don't delete it, or it will have to unpack next time you use it.

The controls from left to right:

PS: Pitch Shift (makes the sample play faster or slower)
Q: Quantize (gives the sample a bit more digital flavour)
L: Level (how loud will the sample affect the pitch)
F: Frequency (10 - 140 Hz affecting how acurate the sample is played)
A: Attack rate (envelope)
D: Decay rate (envelope)
S: Sustain level (envelope)
R: Release rate (envelope)
SA: Start adjustment (where sample will start from)
EA: End adjustment (where the end will be)

It's not good looking yet, but then again what DOS programs was made to look good in the first place? Anyways here is the first primitive alpha version. So have fun with it, and give some comments how you like it. I'll post a picture when I've got it finnished.

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