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Idea for DB2: copy/paste texture

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I've worked a lot with the Duke3D mapeditor Build, so I was quite delighted to here that DoomBuilder shares a few features (like the excellent 3D mode). I have two features that might be cool to be added though.

1. Have a shortcut key to paste the last used texture to a wall in 3D mode. DukeBuild had this. Flow: point to wall > mouseclick > choose texture X > point to another wall > press key 'C' (or whatever key) > Texture X is applied to this wall as well > etc. This way you can very easily and quickly change textures of a lot of walls. This would work for flats as well of course.

2. When you select a few sectors in DoomBuilder you can click the stairs button, and the sectors' floor heights are given incremental heights from the first to the last. Excellent feature! But, it'd be even better if I could manually set a desired increment. A possible flow: Select a few sectors with all the same floor height (e.g. '0') > application detects that all floors have the same height, so shows a dialog 'choose increment' > User types '8' and clicks 'OK' > the sectors are given floor heights from 0, 8, 16, 24, 32, up to the last sector in the selection.

That's it! Cheers!

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The first one is already possible in the current version of DB (I use it all the time in 3D mode). The second suggestion is pretty nifty sounding though. That would be nice for the light gradient tool as well.

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