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Voodoo2 Doom 3?

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Yeah, that's right. Doom 3 running on voodoo 2... some geeks actually pulled it off.

Yep, I know you know it. and now i'm asking for your help.

the link to their site http://www.voodoo.zarovka.com/ doesn't work, and I need the patch for Doom3 to run on my laptop. So if any of you still have the copy of the patch, can you post a download link here?

Or, if you have any alternate solutions, you can post on this thread.

My specs:
RAM: 512mb ram
CPU: Intel Celeron M 530 @ 1.73 GHz
VIDEO: Built-in (Mobile Intel 965 Chipset)

Excuse the bad english, really really tired from tweaking Doom3 on console.


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