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other suggestions for db2;

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I will be good to have a support for hirestex and floor and ceiling

And I resuggest this one:

multiple sector locked height incrementation or decrementation
or whatever you call it.
where the ceiling and floor height is adjust at the same time
like ++64 or --10 just like for things and of course several sector at
That would be handy and speedy to fix the height of a room
or of a 3D floor and that would please me a lazy mapper.

sorry about making a new thread about this but It wouldn't hurt to try.

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What I usually do is select all the sectors I wish to make into, say, stairs, press Home two times (to increment floor height by 16 in this case), deselect the first sector, press Home two times again, deselect the second sector, etc.

For me, this goes fast and fluently, I would probably spend at least as much time filling out fields on a popup/wizard designed to automatically do this.

  • Home/End : Floor up/down by 8
  • PgUp/Dn: Ceiling up/down by 8
  • Ctrl+PgUp/Dn: Light level in-/decrease by 8.

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It would be cool also if in texture browser you can choose
what textures reguarding the wad can be viewed like slumped:


I hope I explain this good.

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Yea, some way to customize/organize the texture browser would be good and with texture preloading before 3D mode (normally I have to wait for textures to preload when entering 3d mode, disabling this means I have to wait when I enter the 3d mode texture browser).

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that would be cool to have also features similar to 3D editors
like extrude, spin, subdivide, align x align y, or that feature
that draw line or sector between selected vertices(already requested though).

and btw latest zdoom has a new feature HIRESTEX can now mimic
texture1 lump and do composites textures dunno if db2 will support
this if codeimp think it's useful.

Well I shouldn't suggest to much things I am not a coder and don't know
if this is even doable.

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