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shinFFA 2nd edition FINISHED!!

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The Randomly texture changes were due to a bad formed ANIMATED lump.

So i made an ANIMDEFS now.

This version works with skulltag, so it should work with zdoom


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To beta 9.

Beta 10 will be the last beta so, any feedback is really apreciatted.

See the first post of this thread for the download link.

Whats new:

37 maps, 1 to 38 (map34 is missing)

Some changes to the weapon mod.

More textures. Some things are changed.

Most things are shootable, so they protect you from bullets and shell fire, even BFG tracers!

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Last bump, i promise

FINAL BETA released

43 FFA MAPS. Dont be fooled, these are not 43 box maps. is more than that

Designed for ZDAEMON. Some things dont work on skulltag. Sorry, im tired now, dont know if i will fix the issues on ST. But, who knows...

Anyway, download it and send me feedback, good or bad


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I played these on ZDS a while back (about 15 maps or so). I must say, they look pretty and have solid gameplay. You covered a LOT of themes, most of them pulled off quite impressively. Hopefully I'll get to play more some day on ZDaemon or something. :)

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some news

2 shinffa2 r.c. zdaemon servers running in europe, with most of the maps. maybe one more is on the way.

you are welcome to try, and leave me feedback on them, here, on in my guestbook's webpage


i've discovered some minor bugs, but are not too bad to break a game.

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Some news....

Web site updated.... each map has a nice description now, click here...


Thanks to StealthCP, Unfy and the guys at L@P, there are 3 ZDaemon servers running this wad now. Not everyone has the right choice of DMFLAGS, but i'm contacting the server admins about that, so soon all should be ok.

(UPDATE: The DMFLAGS are all ok on all servers now)

The right ones are
DMFLAGS : 33838212
DMFLAGS2 : 1212424
(Those had Hide Player Countries and Respawn Barrels. Both are not mandatory, of course. The rest IS mandatory)

Is not their fault, though. I didn't get the right combination of DMFLAGS until recently. I got a little lazy at the end...

Found any bug? Or a suggestion?
Just leave a message on my guestbook, and i'll look into it. Also i have a list of currently fixed bugs on my site. Luckily there are no serious bugs, they are mostly little annoyances.


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