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Vavoom version 1.27 released

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Heh, the usual (apart from full decorate. Much needed).
I still hope that he can fix vavooms net code. Its buggy as an ant infested sugarhouse.

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oh boy Cmake

I've only known one program to use that system, and it was audio related.

Also, looks like Graf hit a home run with his Decorate code. :)

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Heh, Vavoom, a source that has a lot of interesting features, but my, is it buggy, and playing it just feels sooooooo weird (esp. the physics, wtf?).

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hawkwind said:

.... and hot on its heels, 1.27.1 has been released ...

ed4_rfo1.wad does not want to work with this. Some previous version with DECORATE support (1.26?) could start eternal4.

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