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Favorite Doom3-UserMade-Singleplayer-Levels

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here are my favorite „Doom 3“-UserMade-Singleplayer-Levels:

1.)“Dust 2 Dust” (Especially Map 2)
2.)“Shambler's Castle
3.)“UAC: Lost Facility
4.)“Classic Doom 3
5.)“Church Of Ruins
6.)“Hell Over Here
7.)“Map_Thomasc (Once Upon A Time)

And here are more good Singleplayerlevels:

Chex Trek: Beyond the Quest
Omega Research Facility
Trite Breeding Facility Plus

And my favorite mod will be “Bloody Mess” (version 1.0) forever! :-P … but the “NoMercy’s Flashlight-Mod” is nice too for “Resurrection Of Evil” (but can be used for “Doom 3” as well).

What would you like to add?

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Current favourites:

1) Once Upon A Time by Thomas Creutzenberg
2) T-Lab Complex, Refueling Station, and Sigma Quadrant by Kaiser
3) Omega Research Facility by Ice Weasel
4) Urukhai by Uwe Amberger http://doom3.filefront.com/file/Urukhai;43390

The "In Hell" Episode by Doomi also had some good levels (especially the new one that came with the latest edition, forgot the name...)

Dust 2 Dust: I was so annoyed by the crappy start of the level (small room, shitload of weapons, shitload of monsters start to spawn in without any sense of balance) and the bad performance that I didn´t had the motivation to play it further. I might give it a second try.

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Zombie's A Place of Malice was nice too IIRC.

I thought In Hell was kind of average for the most part, but the secret map - an e1m1 remake by Kai Moosmann - was very good.

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Tetzlaff said:

Dust 2 Dust: I was so annoyed by the crappy start of the level.

Try the map 02 (type “map sole1bak“) and go further on in this level. After a few minutes you will come to a big open area that looks really impressive. Because of that area this level is my favorite at the moment! :-P

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Deeforce said:

Try the map 02 (type “map sole1bak“) and go further on in this level.

Heh, you know what I just noticed after starting it again? When I played the level pack the first time I accidently loaded map sole1bak first, so I had to start it with only a pistol, which was of course extra frustrating...

I just played the 1st level through and found it interesting (the architecture is interesting at least). But I don´t like the gameplay. Almost every killed monster spawns another monster in, so you have to blast away all the time and don´t get a feeling of accomplishment.

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Over the last few days, i´ve played every single wad/mod that has a hyperlink in this thread, and surprisingly enough i disliked none of them too much.

But some were better than others, and i´ll concentrate on them:

1) Fragging Free (not on the list as such, but then the dust2dust levels are the first two environments of FF, so...) - almost a doom3 TC and the only megawad i´ve found so far. Unique gameplay.

2) Urukhai - The best on the list in terms of "atmosphere". Truely creepy and it reminded me of my first experience with doom3.

3) Once upon a time
4) Omega Research Facility
5) BJA Genetic
6) Trite Breeding Facility Plus

3-6 in no particular order, as they´re all good fun. Only "beef" i have with them, is that the preset skill seems to be set too low, all of them should be played on g_skill 2 imo.

Now i want more wads...


I harvested filefronts archives and found a FEW worth mentioning as good fun:

Event Horizon : Weird and a bit spooky and probably more enjoyable if you´ve seen the movie - and liked it. But be warned, it´s not fast paced action and it does contain cutscenes and full frontal (female) nudity!

Kaisers maps : T-labs, Refueling Station and Sigma Quadrant : Actionpacked doom2 to doom3-ish gameplay. Pretty hard at skill 2.

Downloading "In Hell" as i write, but that´s my 5 cents for now...

Edit II: (so no bump!)

Played a bit into Hell, but is really turned off by the less than satisfying modification made for the weapons sound...toyguns...

Anybody into the idea of a cyberpunk/Bladerunner meets DooM3 -adventure, should perhaps check out the progress of 0mn10us´ : Wrathchild http://files.filefront.com/Wrathchild+ActI+v101zip/;12398913;/fileinfo.html Please note that this is just the part 1 of 4 planned "missions", and it´s not a final release.

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Hi, I had played “Fragging Free” too before you mentioned it, but I don’t know how to go on in this level:

It is ”Valley Of The Wind” and I just run in circles…

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Deeforce> Hmm. I´m pretty sure you have no business what so ever up in that end of the course, wearing that "suit"...

As i remember, your mission is to smash some piece of machinery (like in your first monster-suit-mission, with the chaingunner), not too far from your starting point, enabeling FragGuy to enter that same arena...

Edit: To your right (in the image) the pipe bends up, go under it and kill the monsters there (if you didn´t already), go back under the arch and a cutscene explaining your mission should start (destroy a generator located appx 180 degrees to your POV in the image). There´s probably an invisible line you´d have to cross to unlock the cutscene.

Good luck.

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