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Can Not Install

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Hi guys.

I am the proud owner of Doom the collectors edition (the ultimate doom trilogy) and it runs very well on my Dell Dimension 2400 with pentium 4 and on board graphics. But my son (yes i am old) has some rather sophisticated games that needed more power and smartshaders and what not, so i bought and installed a geforce 5200 graphics card with nvidia and smart shader and direct x 9. (i can feel you all cringing). His games work great while my precious doom is reduced to a saggy looking grey blob in the upper left side of my screen. Now! this is problem enough and at this point you would think i would ask for help, but no not me. I think it is a good idea to uninstall doom and then reinstall it thinking it would pick up the required settings and work ok, but the problem is i can not re-install it in any way. autorun opens, i click the install button, the installshield starts for a little while, then nothing. So before I ask some of you realy nice guys to help me solve my grey saggy blob problem, any idea how i can reinstall my doom!!!!!!!!!

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The files are in folders in the discs. If the disc is like mine there's a setup folder that contains folders named after the games. Copying one of the game folders to the computer might be all that's required to play a particular game, and then double-clicking the included Doom 95.

If after trying it Doom95 doesn't work or doesn't work properly, the are various solutions (such as some parameters, getting a custom engine, or using DOSBox with the old DOS executables), depending on what you need.

EDIT: Links added.

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