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Putting decorate monsters into a map

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I read this thread but I'm still not clear on how to put the decorate monsters into the map so that they aren't replacing existing monsters and so that I can put however many Annihilators and Afrits into my map as I'd like. I want to put them into a remake of e1m8, but I dunno how. I do have XWE. I'm just not clear on the procedure. Thanks!

Edit: I figgered it out. just import the annihilator and affrit wads into e1m8.wad and then save. When in the map editor, there will be a decorate thing in the menu and just select the monsters from there.

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Ok, First off you have to get the decorate lump into the wad you are editing, I will assume you know this already. Then, when you have done that you'll have to put it into a category.

ACTOR ZombieMarine 3200

//$Category Monsters <---- like this.

You cab put it as the first line of code for that monster.
Also, That number "3200" if another actor has the same number your wad will crash so make sure it has a different number. If I'm wrong about anything please correct me.

And another thing. //$Category can be edited to make your own category like this.

//$Category weapons
//$Category ammos
//$Category :P

And It should make a new category in the things menu on the map editor, At least it did for Doom Builder.

If you have any problems I'll be happy to help.

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