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Any worthy Doom 1 texture sets?

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Are there any good texture sets for Doom 1? I like the Gothic texture set, but it's for Doom 2. I'm looking esp. for dark themes. Just not mere texture replacements. Thx.

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On Afterglow's texture page, I think there's a Doom 1 version of Nick Baker's Episode 5 texture wad.

I'm sure you could get any texture wads you want to work with Doom 1 if you included the patches (or just scrapped or remade/replaced anything that required Doom 2-exclusive patches), but I guess that's not what you're asking for.

Off the top of my head, the largest set of Doom 1 textures would be the textures and flats that come with Knee-Deep in ZDoom. The project textfile gives permission for any of the resources to be modified or used elsewhere, so you might want to take a look through those. You could pretty easily import everything from the pk3, as was done for KDiKDiZD. Use SLumpEd (because XWE fails PNGs) to import the patches between pp_start/pp_end lumps, the flats between ff_start/f_end lumps, then import the texture1.lmp and pnames.lmp files. Then import the textures folder (tx_start/tx_end stuff from zdoom) as patches and add them to texture1 (slumped will automatically add them to pnames when you do this, if they're not already there). You'll probably have to do a bit of work with some of the textures using XWE's color remap function, to fix transparency and whatnot (remap the pngs' transparent color to 247 and XWE will make it transparent). In there you've got Doom1-compatible versions of most of the 5th Episode stuff (a bit is missing, but you can import it from the 5th Episode wad if you need it), computers, supports, metal, marble, bricks, recolors, and tons of other stuff.

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Hey, Nick Baker's Doom 1 set does have a good combo for Episode 1 and Episode 3, if not also Episode 4. Gothic's textures are only good for Episode 4, too "gothic" for Knee-Deep. I'll stick to 5th Episode, thanks. I'm not going to copy KDiZD's textures.

esselfortium said:


For casual Doom (not (G)ZDoom for example), do those tags really have a purpose? I don't use them.

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