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A community project: Guides to Source Ports

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Well, it's my idea. A guide to source ports: beginning small with ~2 paragraph reviews of smaller source ports and ~3-4 paragraphs for larger source ports. These reviews will be written by sensible people who are familiar with the games. I am familiar with Zdoom and PrBoom. I am also going to start work shortly on Doomsday, and possibly EDGE. I'm looking for contributors to Doom Legacy, Eternity, and VaVoom. Also looking for a Chocolate Doom co-contributor for a two-part review. The page is here:http://wikihost.org/wikis/doomport/wiki/start.
Anyone who is interested, post in thread and I will freely grant admin access (only don't do it for everyone for spam purposes.) Note that it doesn't have to be a WIKI - just couldn't think of a better way to do it. Ideas anyone?

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esselfortium said:

The Doom Wiki already has articles on various source ports. You might want to see about contributing there instead

I think that depends on whether they want to write encyclopedia articles or highly personalized reviews.  If the latter, then they probably would find themselves at odds with the Doom Wiki's policies, and so might want their own site.

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