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Exclamation marks etc

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Bloody hell!
Probably this was asked a million times already but I can't figure out what's happening! :/

It's just that stupid exclamation marks and "gross hacks" symbols, they're appearing on every joke wad I tried to play...and they're definitely not humorous -_-'

Well, for example...Mock 2, I think it's supposed to be run on ZDoom, right? I'm running it, the last one, with Doom2.wad also...and those cursed errors are always appearing -_-

Sorry if it's a fantastically outdated question, but I'm clueless :(


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Those exclamation marks are unknown sprites for that port. Don't know about the "gross hacks" though.

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'Gross Hack' is just a placeholder sprite for the Hexen bridge thing. For reasons unknown it has been kept in ZDoom until now. Thanks to these joke WADs it can't be removed anymore.

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Hi :p

Thanks for the info, but, hm...any idea of how I can get rid of these exclamation marks? I think they're necessary for some levels (if I don't have them, I'll be stuck)
They're something in the likes of "doomimp" or "commander keen"(it appears a message in the zdoom console, like "doomimp cannot be found" or "commanderkeen cannot be found"


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