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Problems with saving/exporting maps

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Im gonna to try to explain this as clear as I possibly can with the problems im having with my doom builder. First of all, im quite new to the whole mapping scene. I've read the tuts and I think I got most of the basics down, but one thing keeps hindering me from testing my maps without the help of DB's test map option...

First when it comes to Exporting//saving my maps.

Whenever my map configuration is set to "SkullTag(Doom in Doom format)"
It displays this.
Is that supposed to happen when I export??

and whenever my map configuration is set to "doom2"
It displays this.

(the only source port I have is SkullTag)

Im not too sure if these problems are related to the problems with playing my maps without DB, but whenever i open my wad file with SkullTag and select the IWAD (doom2) to use. For some reason it goes straight to the first map in doom2.

(heres a picture for clarification)

Heres some more pics to show my configurations, files and nodebuilder
settings to help clarify whats going on.


It would be great if you guys can help me out on this rut.

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image1.jpg and image2.jpg are probably related since you have checked Compress sidedefs when exporting.

image2.jpg is a common PIA error message. The simplest way is to reinstall DB.

Your other problems are probably related to image6.jpg. The Level name should not be LVL1 but MAP01 , as per example.

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Alright it WORKS!! All i had to do is change the lump names to map01,
map02 so on so forth.

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