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A few quick/newbie questions

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I could not figure out how to name my map a specific name, as in i know i have to save it as map01, but how to you give it a level name?

For example In doom 2 , the first level is called "Entryway", but it is map 01. Ive looked everywhere and i cant figure out how to give it a level name. So whenever i play my map, at the ending stats screen, it just says "unnamed"

Also, when i finish my map/compile it, i am using textures that are not doom2 default, but when i open up my map to play it w/o using the editor ( it is not done yet, but there is an exit) the textures are not present. Will this happen when i am finished?

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1. Don't worry about giving your level its own name yet. This requires more advanced mapping techniques. (For vanilla Doom or Boom you would need to create a DEHACKED patch to change the level name. For ZDoom-based ports you would need to write a MAPINFO lump and include it in your wad file with XWE. Sounds complicated, doesn't it? Learn the simpler stuff first.)

2. When you play your level outside of the editor, you need to load both the wad file with your map in it and the wad file with the textures you're using. With new source ports, this is most easily done by dragging both files onto the exe file at once.

Of course, eventually you want everything to be in the same wad file, so for this, you need to download XWE, a lump editor. ("lumps" are the chunks of data within wad files, like sprites, textures, songs, level designs, etc.) This is more simple to learn, and there should be helpful guides elsewhere in this forum.

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I know the basics for xwe...i added my own music already and i was going to add a TITLEPIC but i have not found a suitable one yet, thanks for your help.

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To name your map, you can create a DEHACKED or MAPINFO lump, as earlier mentioned, and type in some stuff. I don't remember what exactly to type into DEHACKED, you can figure that out with WhackEd2.
If you're gonna use MAPINFO, check out the MAPINFO page on ZDoom wiki and go figure.

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