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Atmospheric music for doom: Pandora Radio

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Anyone have good pandora radio stations that lend nice atmosphere to doom when they play? If you do, maybe share what they are? I don't really know of any musical artists that would lend good music to Doom. So any artist suggestions too would be helpful, thanks.

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Any songs with good beat suits for Doom...one i use for example is Helloween Gate of fear,also most of Iron Maiden songs provide good atmosphere well most of the metal songs will do seriously.

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Bucket said:

I do exactly that, actually. I've got an ambient/beat station. I use these for seeds:
Brian Eno
Aphex Twin

Alternatively, here's the URL:

Wow! This is exactly what I was going for! The subtle rhythm even fits with the stomping arachnatron! makes it much more scary--thanks!

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Not really realted to doom, but check out the song remind me by Royksopp Very cool tune.

Also, Moby kind of makes a good mood station. Maybe not for doom, but I like playing to it anyway. And Lisa Gerrard is awesome. That's all I have for now.

"Stopwatch hearts" featuring Emily Haines by Delerium! Great song. All the songs and artists mentioned in this post were featured on Moby station.

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Not exactly atmospheric, and not pandora radio, but my last.fm station has some fitting music for doom.(EDIT: Especially when you get some Dimmu Borgir going.)
(Make sure you're not logged in to last.fm when you access this. For some reason it seems to thing it needs you to subscribe to listen to it when you have an account.)

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