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I am new to the forum and glad to be hear. I have a question if someone could please help. I think either 98,99 or 2000 I had DOOM on playstation 1. A couple of years ago a friend had a PC version that looked similiar to the playstation version, but the music and sound was definalty different and I didnt care for it. I have a new PC and would like to put DOOM on it, but I dont know where to get it or download that version Playstation had. Does anyone know if they made a PC version that was the same as the playstation version??

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For information, there are a couple of TCs in the works that have been talked about over at the Zdoom forums. These aim to create pretty faithful copies of the PSX version of Doom as an add on to PC Doom2, when played using the Zdoom source port.

So, once you have PC doom up and running, you might want to check out these TCs and see if they give you the PSX Dooming experience that you are looking for.


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