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The Aviton experiment! (MOD)

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I am working on a new MOD called the Aviton experiment with Rey_17.

It will have new weapons and textures, as well as new single player levels.

Main Features:

-New textures

-Takes in the modern times at a secret underground base.

-New weapons replace the old ones.

-New levels.

-More info coming soon!

Screens (these are work in progress and are subject to change).


[IMG]http://img381.imageshack.us/img381/1420/minigunfrontviewen1.th.jpg" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);">

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Mancubus II said:

For starts, you may want to learn how to use the [img] tag...

ok, so how do i do that?

EDIT: Why can't you just click the links the work just the same.

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I think that last screenshot doesn't look bad at all! The others look all right, I'd be interested in giving this one a try when it's up (beta/finished). I do, however, feel that the shotgun model needs some more work. I like how you tried to give it a wood finish, but the metal parts just don't look right to me.

By the way, you use links as such:

  • [ url ]http://www.ja.en.nou[ /url ]
    [ url=http://www.ja.en.nou ]Klick heer!!!!111one[ /url ]
and images like this'n:
  • [ img ]http://ja.en.nou/omfgthisissooonsfw.jpg[ /img ]
(remove the spaces in the tags, so in stead of [ url ], use [url]).

Though your particular pictures may not work with the [img] tags for some reason.

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I can't tell anything about the pictures... I will wait for the release. Hurry up, Hardcore_Gamer! :-P

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scorpion said:

I like how you tried to give it a wood finish, but the metal parts just don't look right to me.

I am not the person making the weapons, i got a friend of mine doing that, i just make the maps. And yea i know the metal parts look wrong and those are old pics anyway, i haven't seen recent images of my friends work. But i will ask him for a updated image of his weapons later! :)

Also, this project is going to take along time to finish, i only MAP for Doom 3 when i really feel like doing so and we have a number of levels planned for this project. Oh! And also

the story evolves around a bacteria, a zombie outbreak and a secret underground base. so this is sort of like the Doom movie, except this is not going to suck! (Plus it happens on earth.)

EDIT: What shotgun model?!?

EDIT: I don't know if i will release any demos, the file size is a bitch with all of those new textures (some are High-res) so i don't think allot of people would bother downloading like a 300 MB Demo! I think videos and trailers are more convenient.

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I think Scorpion means the gun that looks like an AK-47 assault rifle.

I for one am intrigued to see how this comes out. I am one of those rare people who thinks that doom3 was cool.

Good luck with it.. Keep going. The screens have definite potential.

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