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Righto, back to work

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Probably the last you'll hear from me in regards to Doom - The Arcade Game for at least a month... but I have started work on MAP02. This should be interesting, because it has two starting points that will be on opposite sides of the maps, and I want to start incorporating real multiple paths and multiple solutions which will require alot of advance thought for the map - advance thought + GooberMan's maps = yeah fuckin right, so this really should be interesting for me.
Remember, if you want to make maps for this project, or help out in any other way that you feel may be neccessary for the project, don't hesitate to email me.
Adios for now.

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In an effort to push his post count up to the 300 mark, GooberMan submits a reply to this thread to let people know just what sort of work is going on.
Some of you would have seen the skybox example wad I posted out in the general forum which was basically a ship docking with a space station. I've decided to expand upon that map and am starting up a new series of WADs which will act as a diversion from D-TAG and will be uploaded to /newstuff on a (hopefully) regular basis. The series is called "The Gatweway Experiments, or Doesn't The Military Ever Learn?" and the first episode (I am hoping to give it the feel of a TV series, broken up in to short episodes and will all link together to make a coherent story, so basically it's like a pilot episode) is titled "Space Station Omega" and will be heavilly scripted (I'm waiting to see if Ling will give me the custom title "Script Nut" over there, cos not only has he called me that I received an email from someone else calling me that too). I've set myself a rather ambitious goal of having the first episode completed by next Sunday's /newstuff, but since I'm writing a scripting idea I've had from scratch and working around the bugs that crop up AND I have to put it all together in some sort of a map, I have a feeling that it will be /newstuff in two Sunday's time.
299 posts... what shall I waste my 300th post on?

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