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I want epicness.

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Janitor said:

me and 2 friends spent about 3 hours getting through deus vult 2 on Normal. that was truly epic.

I've done DV Map05 on UV with my brother about 4 times now :P

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I beat Claustrophobia on difficulty 2. Any higher was annoying, I hate fighting with no dodging room, and having things bite me before I have a chance to react.

However, the bosses, and all of stage 4, were epic. Giygas needs to appear in Doom 2 some time, and stage 4 just reaffirms that.

Still haven't started Deus Vult 2; I've been thinking of getting a friend or someone to co-op it with me. Hmm...

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Jim Rainer said:

Zen Dynamics is pretty epic.

Epic Secrets!! That's what I've been trying to articulate over all these years. E1M3 had epic secrets. So did E1M6 and E1M7. Map02 of this partial conversion has a very epic secret. Epic secrets! That's what I like in a map. Especially when played to the music of Sigur Ros. This really belongs in the "what do you like in a map thread" but whatev. My posts are like my papers, they don't stay on topic. :-/

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Whoa, the end boss projectile patterns in Claustrophobia are awesome and reminds me a bit of Rez (particularly that huge circular caco ball wall). I just started playing with iddqd..

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I'd say pretty much any level by Michael Krause fits that description. Dark Star is probably my favourite of them.

I took the safe road and didn't upload this to idgames, but this is a compilation of all of Krause's wads, in chronological order. The first 5 or so are mostly indoor stuff, but after that he went with his large overscaled geometry style that is just so plain awesome. All of his stuff is good though, small or large.


Enjoy :)

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Eternal Doom series are proud representatives of epicness in Doom. Even if the third one's fights looks easy compared to the HR standard, the 4th demo one's difficulty will make you stay online for a while.

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Jehar said:

this is a compilation of all of Krause's wads

I'm really enjoying these, just plain fun gameplay.

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