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Mod help request

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"The Bloody One" Ryan Hart here, asking for help on two mods I have going. The major request is for help with Relapse TC for Edge; a few level designers, one texture artist, and perferably two sprite artists. Coders are welcome but not needed as much. Note for level designers, urban settings are the main focus in the TC, ie. shopping malls, buildings, city streets, etc. Military Bunkers, Outposts, and Labs are rare but needed to be made, more info is given upon appling.

The second request is a small, small one. The mod is a Terminator Mod for Zdoom (multiplayer version) and Edge tc (singleplayer version) and the only requests are for a enemy sprite modifier (ex. turning the imp into an endoskeleton) and a deh(and bex) master, well, ok master is asking too much, just someone who knows their shit.

contact info
Email: diptera_necro@yahoo.com
IRC: irc.openprojects.net, #relapse - The_Bloody_One or Ryan_Hart
AIM: DipteraNecroHart
ICQ: 33008733
Y!(yahoo): bountyhunter_l33t
MSN: diptera_necro@hotmail.com

*deep breath* i think that's all, so, mooyaka to all and all a good mooyaka, or something...

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Did you have any luck rounding up people for your projects?

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