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Community wad project ideas

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This post will be edited a few times in the next few days.
1: Dante's Inferno. A "Competition" to make a wad of the 9 rings of hell that match Dante's description of them in Inferno. Although maybe a better idea would be to designate rings and sub-rings to each individual person. So have like 30 people working on one part of a MASSIVE level (think how big Dante's Hell was if you've read his Inferno. So basically to be a candidate for this project you'll have to have studied Dante's Inferno in school!

2: The other ideas were mentioned my other thread and I'll repost them here later--I have to go to class now.

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One problem with having 30 people working on different parts of a massive level is that, unless you restrict it to only having one person allowed to work on the map in a given time period, you'll end up with different people using the same tag numbers for different uses, and it'll turn into a huge mess. :\

edit: Also the 65536 sidedefs/segs limit. (or 32768 in older ports)

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No, I believe it's a limitation of the map format itself. This is one of the reasons why I really hope Quasar, Graf, and CodeImp get something agreed on for the new text-based map format...

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Or just use hubbed levels, damnit, that's what they're for, to make indefinitely sized levels.

As for Dante's inferno idea, dunno, may be cool, I ADMIT I didn't read the book (sorry), but wouldn't it sound like work based on a book and not fully original, analogous to all those films based on video games or games based on books themselves?

There's already an "Inferno" episode of Doom, with two Dantesquely named levels, and an "Inferno" series by Dr Sleep. This one of yours should then have a variation, heh.

Sounds monumental for teams assigned on levels, but I'd take my time and also NOT take my time if I were you. There'd be deadlines all over and trustworthy mappers assigned for one map AT A TIME. Oh yeah, I'd rather give each mapper a standard level to join a master hub.

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Use3D said:

Joining something in progress is also a great idea.

Indeed. There are lots of in-progress projects that are really struggling to get done and could use some more help and participation.

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