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need help/corrections for FPS Ports website

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Hi everybody!
I'm a webmaster of FPS Ports website, a site dedicated to all kinds of source ports, re-texturing and re-modelling information.
I'm working on a section with source ports for the Doom engine and I need all kind of help with it:
-Info on the missing source ports.
-Corrections and improvements to the texts about source ports.
-Info on any interesting subject-related projects

I don't know much about the each port, so I could be wrong and underestimate some of them, so I would really appreciate if somebody has any corrections for the info on my website.
the url is http://fps.maros.pri.ee

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Yeah there are probably about 5 times as many source ports than what was listed on the page I linked. Those are probably some of the more notable ones. The ones you should definitely cover are...

Chocolate Doom
PrBoom (and/or Boom)
ZDoom (and/or GZDoom)
Eternity Engine (and possibly MBF and SMMU)
Doom Legacy
JDoom (Doomsday)

For multiplayer ports:
CSDoom (although now defunct)

Anything else people don't tend to use very much. I may have forgot a few, but these are the main ones.

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Well its not Doom and its not a sourceport, but I am working on a remake of the original Dark Forces that may fit on the site: DarkXL Website. You can read about it on the website, its still in the early stages. An alpha demo of the first level is available if you have the original game.

I apologize if this isn't what you were looking for, I thought I'd mention it just in case :)

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