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gzdoom and db setup

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hi, been using db for a while now with the old doom2 setup but i'm wanting to map with a newer port [gzdoom]. needing to know if i have db setup corretly to do so. ok heres go. i installed newest ver" of gzdoom, installed newest ver" of db 1.68. installed gzdoom.cfg into db, and then installed doom2.wad into gzdoom folder.

now, db loads up fine with gzdoom.cfg and everything seems to work right, and testing map with gzdoom.exe through db works fine to. but i've been reading about the [zwadcov.exe] converting doom2 to the zdoom/hexen format. to work right with gzdoom/db. right now i have db configuration in the files menu set to my doom2.iwad. is this ok, or do i need to convert my doom2 iwad in the zdoom format?

my main ? is: do i have everything setup correct before i spend 1000 more hours editing my new wad, and having it not work with gzdoom.exe outside db. because i'll want to release the pwad when finnish to the public to play also. any info would help thank's.

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No you do NOT need to convert Doom2.wad to Hexen format (thats what zwadconv does) to work with DB or GZDoom. Actually I discourage you to touch Doom2.wad in any way, you shouldn't modify it. You can safely assign Doom2.wad (in it's original format) to the GZDoom.cfg configuration in Doom Builder and then make a map with that configuration.

Your setup looks correct to me, no reason for it not to work. If you want to play your map, make sure the testing parameters are correct. Something along the lines of "-iwad %D -file "%A" "%F" +map %L -skill 3" should work. Otherwise just save your map and drag the wad file onto gzdoom.exe, should work also.

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ok thanks. now i can't get back to editing with out freaking out, lol. but yeah test map parameters set to:

-opengl -iwad %D -file "%A" "%F" +map %L -skill 3

everything seems to be working great. editing, and testing. doom builder is the best doom editor i have ever used, and hope it's around for a long time.

thanks for the help.

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