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The Eiffelyte

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Awesome job! Very good replica of the monster. And I'd never thought someone would create something from the KotM universe.

I'd love to see Huge Frogger, I have two characters still in development progress, Grog and Corsair, who are based on him.

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I considered doing Huge Frogger; Cyber Woo, Neo Geon, Beetle Master, or Clawhead would probably be more likely prospects though, as I like their designs more. I'd like to see what you have for your Grog and Corsair characters.

I'm currently working on a critter from DOOM 3--should be finished with it this weekend/early next week, provided I can pry myself away from Final Fantasy XII long enough to do so (100+ hours logged in on that super addicting game already).

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Very cool I'll be looking foward to the next project. I'll try to get those characters uploaded sometime but its hard right now with college, I get out in May though.

Funny you say that, I was playig ff4 not that long ago and still need to beat it.

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